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The Butcher’s Son is a story of the aspirations of proud parents at odds with their son’s ambitions. The resulting conflict threatens to tear them apart. How do you tell your parents that you are not who they want you to be? How does a young man fulfil his parents’ expectations but still stay truthful to himself?

Produced and Directed by Ella Carey

Produced and Written by Margot Tasca


Procduction Company: Little Picture Productions

Editor: Caitlin Spiller

Director of photography: Ella Carey

Production designer: Margot Tasca

Music composer: Andrew Scott

Sound: Milo Fisher

Animation: Ella Carey and Margot Tasca

Starring: Merrin Sullivan, Liam Parsons, Soren Jensen, Janice Northcott, Francesca Carey, Milo Fisher


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